Meghna is a musical force to be reckoned with. Singing and dancing since she could talk, and eventually writing and releasing her first song “Lost” at 12, Meghna always knew music was her calling. The first few songs Meghna wrote and recorded in her formative years followed a pattern: they were all about the human condition. Meghna wanted to write music to showcase not only her goofy and groovy side (perhaps inspired by her background in stand-up comedy), but to bring awareness to the world’s injustices. This is exemplified early on, in her second song released at 14, ”Mountain”; which talks about children living in poverty in India, drawing from what she had seen firsthand on trips to India, and from her own family’s experience.

Slowly building up in Meghna has been a thunderous passion that will stop you in your tracks: like thunderbolt of lightning striking, Meghna’s songs illuminate the joys of humanhood, and also the deeper flaws. Her sound and message are drawn from a blend of her Tamil and Bengali backgrounds, her growing interest in advocacy as a law and human rights student, and her love of Hip-Hop and Rock music— musical influences include Queen, Rihanna and Raja Kumari. Meghna has gained acclaim on the live Melbourne scene as a promising young artist with support from creative producers, various radio stations, MTV, and mentors. Meghna has notably collaborated with luxury French-Japanese fashion brand Maison Kitsuné for their Kitsuné Musique branch on her song ‘Hypnotising’ (prod. Simon Dobson). Kicking off 2023 with a bang, Meghna has recently performed at the Live Fast Festival for the renowned Australian Grand Prix, the FIFA Women's World Cup Fan Festival, and ALWAYS LIVE'S GarageBand Festival, to 1000s.

“Given her catalogue is both ever-growing and highly charismatic, it’s really only a matter of time before everyone else will catch on and we’ll be sitting here saying I told you so. Don’t sleep!”